Our Team


Divanshu Kumar, the founder of Involve and a 4th year Undergraduate of Mechanical Engineering is not a typical Mechie. Since his time at Avanti Fellows as a mentor and Team Manager and several other experiences in the education space, he is more into teaching than building machines! He founded Involve in his second year and envisions it to become one of the most efficient learning models of school education system! He is a social entrepreneur at heart.

He leads the Operations at Involve and Co-Heads the Educators’ Training with Awnish.



A person who truly believes in the phrase: “You either DO IT or keep giving EXCUSES.”, Awnish Raj has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pune. He has worked with Bhumi for more than 4 years and has led their Pune Chapter as a City Coordinator. He is deeply involved in creating a systematic and impactful training programs for the Educators (the peer teachers) at Involve and handles a bit of operation.

PS: He left his job to pursue Involve. What more needs to be told about his passion, eh?


Samyak Jain, currently in pre-final year of his Chemical Engineering at IIT Madras is not a hardcore Engg enthusiast. He readily grabs any opportunities available to help the underprivileged, is extremely caring and of friendly nature to which anyone can easily adapt. He is a Yes Fellow, a prestigious fellowship by Yes Bank Foundation. He has also been with Avanti for 2 years and has led many teams.
Enthusiastic to improve the current education scenario of the country, he leads the Content Planning at Involve.


Prateek Bhindwar is also a pre final year undergrad in Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras. Passionate about improving the educational standards in India, he has been working towards the cause right from the beginning of his first year. As a student mentor at Avanti Fellows, Pondicherry chapter for 2015-16 he is known to be awesome with kids. He has worn many hats when we were in out pilot stage and is currently heading the outreach and Documentation!

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