Our Vision is to create an affordable and accessible ecosystem where students are empowered and motivated to learn from each other.

We dream of dialogue classrooms where students understand the need for education and are willing to learn.


Involve is the first organization ever in India which strengthens the learning of students and imparts 21st-century skills to them using PEER TEACHING. We train and mentor senior school students (Educators) in their formative years of age 12-16 to teach their juniors (Learners).

Through our uniquely designed fellowship program for senior students and classroom structure, we empower our students and ensure quality learning ecosystem. We offer after-school academic support in low-income private schools at a very affordable cost.

Till now, we have already completed 2 successful pilot projects in Delhi and in Chennai, impacting more than 100 students and improving their academic scores by 20% in just 6 weeks. Presently we are working with schools in Chennai to impact more students through Peer Teaching

As per reports, the out of pocket expenditure on education of children in India has increased by around 12.5 times over the last decade. Our teaching methodology costs at least 4 times less and promises the same efficiency which will help middle-class parents afford quality education for their child.