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We feel very delighted to inform you that we have got Kendriya Vidyalaya as our School Partner. We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate individuals, as Part-Time Interns, who, along with us, can bring a positive change in the today’s education, and help improve the learning of students in schools.


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a) Content Planning (Maths & Science)

Both our stakeholders (educators & learners) are students. And for them to accept the subjects and the endless chapters of the books, we need to make learning much more interesting, fun and purposeful. SO, we plan our lesson plans (based on the school’s curriculum) in such a way it appeals to both the stakeholders and they enjoy it.

Expectations: Creative, good grasp of K-12 content
Commitment Required: 8-10 hours a week. Can work from home.  Weekly meetings will be organized with the content head to make sure the timeline is followed and the quality of content is maintained.
Learning: Creativity development and Design thinking approach! The requirement for a good content planner has been in a lot of demand nowadays. 

Here is the link to Job Description of content Planning
How to apply: Fill this google form

b) School Operations Intern 

Role: Under operations, the major tasks will be distributed into 2 parts.

  • Management
  • Assessment and Reporting

Expectations: Some experience in the social sector, Enthusiastic, passionate, good with communication skills and should be willing to work on the ground.
Commitment Required: 10-12 hours a week
Learning: Optimization & management (Highly beneficial for students interested in non-core placements), networking and insights into school education system.

Here is the link to the Job Description
How to apply:  Just fill us this form and we will get in touch.

Interested? We can’t wait to work with you. For any queries and clarifications, contact:

+91 9087864370 (Divanshu)
+91 7798632967 (Awnish) ||