Our Innovation

Our innovation lies in the way we train senior students (our educators) using our state of the art training modules to maintain the efficiency of learning. We structure our own content, suiting the needs required to induce interest in a student, which adds to our quality. The Peer Teaching approach is assisted by Creatives (graduates above 21 years of age) who are trained by us on Classroom and Kids management. This reduces the amount of work an educator has to do while the Creative can focus on classroom and kids management along with implementing personalized learning and retention techniques. Above all this, a student teacher ratio of 8:1 is maintained in every class to ensure accountability and As per reports, the out of pocket expenditure on education of children in India has increased by around 12.5 times over the last decade. Our teaching methodology costs at least 4 times less and promises the same efficiency which will help middle-class parents afford quality education for their child.