The Need to Trust Students

*Geetha mam please report to the principal’s office immediately*

blared the intercom. Students! Rahul will monitor the class & take down the names of the noisy kids. A visible grin was noticed on the face of “the noisy kids” while other students wondered, *How cool it is to have so much authority, Geetha mam must be so proud of Rahul and*

*Rahul, on the other hand, tried his best to live up to his teacher’s trust.*

*It’s easy for a child to understand he’s the youngest in his society but that does not limit his hopes of being a responsible member in it.*

In “The Need to Trust Students,” we wanted to throw some light on the need to trust students, how to develop it, and the upshots of the former.

The show must go on – A Fireside chat on Humanising Online Learning.

We are all collectively facing a pandemic threat. Many sectors including education are facing challenges during these unprecedented times. As per UNICEF 1.5 billion school going students have been affected due to this pandemic. Online learning is the only mode of communication and instruction that’s available right now and we need to adapt to the…

Power To Do Anything: Growth Mindset

  “It’s fine! You just don’t have the aptitude for English. You’re more of a science student.”  It’s simply not fine when children are told that they don’t have an “aptitude” for something, academic or otherwise. The younger the kids are, the more impressionable their minds tend to be. Such a child who will be…

Are initiatives taken by students valued more than compliance?

Experience is far a better teacher than the traditional teaching techniques. When students are encouraged to take up initiatives, it develops an essential skill to think for themselves and enables them to take necessary actions when needed.
That’s why it is right said that a stronger role in school determines a stronger and better grip on life in the later years.

Decision making. A journey or a destination?

Can students make decisions on their own? How would they know what’s right or wrong? Why is decision making fuelled by Mistakes and how did making mistake changed Anagha’s Life?