The Team Together : Part 1

The ideal goal for any individual/organization is to become the better version of themselves each day. Being an organization working in one of the most dynamic industries of our time, Education, it is a no-brainer to understand the need for constant upgrades and refinement. Not just on the lines of organization or design but also an individual’s thought process and way of looking at the problems in front of our eyes.


Continuous learning and a strong team culture would go a long way in achieving it. To stay in the track, our team comes together once a month to review the work done, share the learnings and plan for the future tasks. Here we also allocate time to learn/do things together!

From the heart to the chart

Day 1 starts with revisiting of our values.

There are 9 values here. Can you guess the tenth? 🙂

The values an organization holds is its soul and forms the essence of the identity. We have ten for our organization, which we promise and never compromise on. We shared among ourselves the perspectives and opinions around them and each one chose a value for themselves and illustrated them on a chart. (We tried our best to bridge the gaps of artistic incompetencies with our passion and enthusiasm 😛 )

The Roads Taken!

How do you build connection among people?

Handmade life maps for our Harinie Miss and Awnish!

Stories. Yes, Humans connect through stories which is why we still admire/rely heavily on language even after robust advancements in technology.

Whoever is here are here, because we believe in a common vision/goal. But the journeys and the roads taken were different. Each person shared their story among the team. The stories had twists and turns ranging from changing domains and landing in education sector to foregoing comfortable jobs in order to work in the field.

Though every journey is inspiring in its own way, we (had to) chose two and decided to make a life map for them. Harinie and Awnish were those two lucky folks!

During this activity we could sense something sweet floating in the air, it’s the mutual appreciation and respect the team has for every member on an individual level.

Getting the views clearer: Understanding School Development plan

The crucial component of our program is the Peer teaching model, where diverse variables come into the scope. For the program to be effective, it’s inevitable to understand the school ecosystem in total and have a strategic plan developed.  Awnish presented an initial version of a School Development Plan(SDP) for the same and explained the various components it includes (like the activities and interventions needed etc).

Awnish presenting the SDP

We also discussed on the training an STM(Student transformation Manager, who would be the primary facilitator of our Peer Taught classes) should undergo. It will be on the areas of child psychology, the importance of 21st-century skills, classroom management etc,.

After this session, we discussed our operations in our partner schools. We had quite number of learnings  to ponder upon too. Chirag was sharing why the community involvement is necessary for a healthy growth of a student and how they are planning to approach it. Also gave the team a concept note on Community model for our better understanding .  Nivedha and Manashri were sharing how much an STMs rapport with Student leaders is important and how effective guidance brings about gradual behavioural changes in them.  Finally we sketched the expected outcomes and  set goals for each of our schools that are to be achieved by this academic year.

With all the productive discussions, activities and heartening moments, Day 1 came to an End and we parted ways to meet the next day. (To Be Continued)

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