The One Where Responsibility is a Child’s Play

A Greater Chennai Corporation school… The students here are talented, caring and super smart. They know how to do things and also how NOT to. As an STM, I loved going to that school for the sheer delight it gave me while interacting with those students.

The initial selection of the Student leaders (SL) and the orientations were all done. The school’s Headmistress and I mapped the learners to a Student Leader.

Peer Teaching classes begin, and first day, the students are there in their allotted teams and the classes go pretty smooth. But on second day, the SLs faced a slightly challenging problem; there were some learners from English medium while some were from Tamil medium. The Student Leaders were able to teach commonly in Tamil but giving notes and conducting tests became chaotic and time-consuming.

While we were trying to figure out a solution for this situation, three Student leaders, M. Vaishnavi, K. Monisha and M. Srimathi who were assigned 6th grade came up with a brilliant yet simple plan. They reshuffled the learners and whoever among them was good at English took the English medium Learners. Thus, they together teach a concept in Tamil. But once the teaching is done and it was time for notes or test, Vaishnavi, who is handling the Tamil medium learners, took her bunch of Learners to the corridor while the other two stay back in the classroom to finish the routine.

When they take initiatives!

That was not all, they made small badges that say “I am a good student” to be given to the learners based on their behavior. They were also giving biscuits to the learners after 3 days of PT; when I asked why, Srimathi told me, “Miss, they all studied very well these 3 days. They even got 10/10 in all the class tests. So, biscuits for them”.

Srimathi asking her learners to draw the components of a computer as a part of her routine classtest while her co-teacher K. Monisha manages other learners.
Srimathi asking her learners to draw the components of a computer as a part of her routine class test while her co-leader Monisha manages other learners.

The Sixth graders also happening to be a naughty lot and how these 3 girls managed to keep them motivated and happy is something that shows that a Public school has as much a talent pool as a Private school. It is all about the exposure we provide these kids with that matters!

About the Author: Harinie is currently leading the operations for public schools at Involve. She is an ex-TFI fellow and also comes with 4 years of experience at IBM.

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