The last task : My internship experience at Involve

How she found the Involve Internship

My journey with Involve began with my decision to create a profile on a leading online internship platform owing to the self-imposed pressure to do something fruitful during the summer vacations. It was a pure stroke of luck, that the day on which I created my profile was the first and last day for applying for the web development internship at Involve and I decided to give it a shot! I started out from knowing nothing about developing a website to learning so much just in the competitive application process comprising of three rounds and learnt much much more during the course of the internship.

How was her experience at Involve
Being a part of this venture, even for a short duration of 1.5 months, turned out to be one of the great decisions I’d taken in 2018. Despite it being a work-from-home internship, the Involve team went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and a part of the team-be it the induction call wherein we were allowed to express ourselves freely and managed to gel quite well with the team (partly due to the ice-breaking session
of sharing embarrassing stories with each other!), or the weekly team calls which motivated me to work harder.
Awnish was my reporting manager/mentor during the internship and it is with him that I had the most interaction. I wouldn’t be lying when I say that he brought out my maximum potential and enabled me to strive harder than I would have. Whenever I was stuck in a particular section, Awnish was mostly there to listen to my rants, to tell me to “chill” and help me arrive at the solution. Even though I had to pull off several all-nighters to complete tasks, it didn’t feel like work because I really enjoyed collaborating and developing in the positive environment that Involve had created, making work seem like fun. Every now and then, my mentor also stayed up with me all night to help me develop the perfect website section. Realizing that the core team was equally invested in making things happen and not merely supervising from a distance was a positive reinforcement and a fuel for me to work harder.

Divanshu never held back from being enormously generous with praises whenever he liked my work and at the same time, didn’t shy away from politely critiquing on the few instances that he did not. He always had something positive to say and working with him has been a real delight.

Samyak is the friendly acquaintance who was there to give suggestions for the website. He’s the person one can always talk to without any hesitation and was always there for a light-hearted conversation on memes as well as short conversations on deep subjects.

The team also has a good sense of humour, often dissolving stressful situations into light ones with Awnish’s random bouts of laughter at inappropriate moments, Divanshu’s impeccable dance moves (don’t hesitate to ask him for the YouTube link!) and Samyak’s infinite stories displaying his unconditional love for mangoes. 😛

The cherry on the cake is that Involve believes in motivating team members to achieve their personal goals also. I managed to fulfil my goal of working out with due credits to Awnish for giving me daily reminders.

I am thankful to Involve for selecting me for this internship thereby allowing me to experience the amazing work culture of Involve, enabling me to learn and have fun as well.

Babsy is a 4th year Student at KCC Institute of Technology and Management College in Greater Noida. Her Internship with Involve lasted for about 6 weeks where she was supposed to make a website for Involve from scratch. Although being a fresher, her dedication and attitude of going out of the way to complete her tasks and the never-ending willingness to learn got her selected among the 250+ applications we got for the internship. She has done a commendable work in designing the website and we would like to thank her for her efforts. – Involve Team

“When we look for our future employees/interns, we look beyond their achievements on a resume to how someone is as a person”. 

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