Where I cycle to work nowadays: Stories from our workplace!

Disclaimer: Before going into what I am going to share, here is a little secret about me. I am one of those people who wants to be fit but would give zero effort to make that happen. I have a treadmill at home, perfectly in shape running shoes and even apps on my mobile that help me track my calories and kilometers walked. All this, yet I don’t put them to use. I spend a lot of energy planning to workout than actually working out.

How it all started: That being said, Day 1 of me working at Involve, I took an afternoon stroll near the building inside the IIT Campus. It was quite refreshing; greens and deer and monkeys everywhere. One thing I noticed was the number of cycle commuters in the campus as opposed to bike or car.

The wannabe-fit person inside me had an idea; I decided to acquire my very own cycle. I spoke to my team and we rigorously searched for a cycle. I was really excited about the prospect of cycling 4 km every day in that serene semi-forest area.

One day, my dream did come true. I got a lightly used secondhand cycle from a college pass-out and got it serviced. That evening I decided to take it to the entrance parking so I can ride it from the gate to department and back every day.

harinie cycle

2 minutes into cycling, I started to seriously pant. My legs felt like jelly and I lost my breath. I could hardly take another pedal and I was sweating like crazy. I was adamant that I will reach the gate come-what-may. Huffing and puffing, I pushed with every bit of energy I had left. Parched throat, giddiness and even blurred vision at one point; the site of the exit gate gave me so much happiness that I can’t even describe it.

Since it was Friday, I knew I will not use my cycle until the next Monday. Come Monday morning, I started riding again, it was difficult but not so horrible as attempt 1. The next days just got better and now I don’t feel any stress at all. It has been 3 weeks since my cycle and I love it!

Who would have thought that I could love my work and also love the way I travel to work! Guess we just have to give some time for any new habit to settle down and from there, there will be no turning back! My next target is to ride the 2 km in under 6 minutes and I know I can get there. Just a matter of practice and perseverance.

Moral of the story: Do the thing that you have always wanted to do; you will either love doing it or learn from it!


About the Author: Harinie is Program Design Lead at Involve. She is an ex-TFI and also comes with 4 years of experience at IBM.


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