Little champs sharing their wisdom! Experiences of our Educators

Involve was kind of an abstract to me before I started it but now it’s no less than a feeling. If you are a person who sees the beauty in everything(that is also what you should do if you don’t), then you are going to learn a lot. A LOT! Involve is based on “learning” that is a two-way process, what kids learn from you and what you learn from them. I have always cried because of the current education system and trust me, we sail on the same boat so enrolling into involve is the best way because it is about being the change. Everybody is so inspiring, be it the learners, the team or our group. Even though Involve project has ended, I look forward to being a part of it again. More love more power to the family!
– Kashish

Coming from a 14-year-old kid, these words are no less than an inspiration to us!

While our team was brainstorming on our value propositions, we spent a lot of time thinking who exactly do we serve and in what manner. Though it was very clear from the beginning that the senior students (our Educators) are major stakeholders, it took a lot of discussions and clinching hours for us to identify the value we will provide to them.
Will it be the academic improvement, or motivation to learn or the much needed 21st-century skills for personal development, what will it be? Would the parents accept and agree to a program which doesn’t directly improve the marks in the examination? Moreover, would the schools agree to partner with such an organization which does not promise quantifiable short-term improvements?
Most importantly, how will our students feel about it?

Well, seems like we have had some understanding of it and the reason is the feedback that we have received from our little champs. Student empowerment has begun and someday, our students will be self-directed learners. They will have those skills which will help them grow both personally and academically.
And don’t just trust me when I say this. Read these testimonials from the students we have impacted and then believe ๐Ÿ™‚


My fluency in English has increased. The stage fear has vanished. I liked all the tips team gave like attention grabbers, energizers etc. This was a great opportunity for us. It was like enjoying the life of a teacher. I also noticed that It made us a responsible person. Overall, I loved Involve
– Asma, educator from 8th standard

I loved taking Involve classes. It was just awesome and it made me interact with many kids. We also learned and recapped what we have learned when we were young and I found myself developing good communicating with people and it also broke my shyness of talking with others
-Surega, an educator from Class 9th.

We could never believe students themselves coming to us and mentioning that their academics has also improved because of the program. Feels so great to receive these compliments from them!



The idea of making older students teach their juniors is an awesome idea cause it’s beneficial to both of them. ย I always wanted to teach but didn’t know how to. Involve gave me the opportunity and the tools and showed me how to make a class fun and engaging for the students and for yourself. Learning can be fun too ๐Ÿ™‚
To both, the students and the team, I hope you guys come back ๐Ÿ˜

I loved the methods you thought us. It helps us in our lives as well. Also, it gave us an opportunity to enjoy a teacher’s life. In this way, my knowledge has increased as I remember my basics. I got many new friends too by joining involve because I can interact with friends from other sections too.
– Yasmin

Leadership is no longer a subject only meant for management graduates, nor is problem-solving a complicated skill to develop. Now, Tinkering and innovation are topics that kids of an 8th standard can talk fluently about and also understand their importance.

One of our educators Jeffy said that this teaching program helped her a lot in her project seminars. She proudly told us,โ€ Teachers appreciated me that I’m taking seminars and as well as grabbing everyone’s attention. I am able to present my thoughts to people uniquely. Also, this time in seminars I have the maximum marks.โ€ This kid, who is a bundle of energy is even ready to come wherever Involve classes are conducted.

As a concluding remark, I would say that this has been a great learning for us too. And as a result of this feedback, we are in process of designing the Involve Educators Fellowship Program (IEFP), one of the fellowship program for school students which focuses entirely on their capacity building and making them self-directed learners. Stay tuned for more updates on this ๐Ÿ™‚


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