What else lies in the eyes of the beholder?

So what does this girl has to say about how these days have been? All this time here. What was the point?

                         My experience at Involve has been very much inspiring and fruitful. At first, the idea of coming to school during vacations and that too early in the morning, seemed very much exhausting and unnecessary! So on the very first day of Involve, I came with a preset feeling of it being boring and that I would give it up within 2-3 days. But sooner or later, before I even knew, I was coming to school every single day with the same enthusiasm.

                         I think what made me stay was the fact that Involve is not just about work, work and work. It works along with fun, teaching isn’t monotonous here but is an exciting job! I myself had been teaching English to the students of class 8th. During the first class, I felt that the students were not very much excited to learn English. That might have pulled down my spirits a bit. And then, we started doing activities like drama for improving speaking skills or demonstrating action verbs through actually acting them out! They enjoyed it like never before and even started paying attention to the subject with newfound eagerness! Recently, the Post Assessment Test was conducted and I proudly say, that my students have scored really well in it. I really hope that they continue to study like this, with interest rather than just mugging!  

                           Not only this, at Involve I have learned about teamwork and coordination. I have met people from different walks of life, and I am sure we at Involve have become a strong team who will remember and catch up with each other even after this project gets over. I am very fortunate to have gotten this opportunity to be a part of such a project. As Involve ends on this Friday, I will take back home lots of new friends, memories and lessons. I will never forget the summer of 2016!
(Shimuran Kitahara is a standard 11 student from the school itself who taught her juniors while zealously making content for the English Department for all the classes. We are thankful to her and every other school volunteer who devoted one complete month of vacation to us. If they have gained in the process of giving, it could only mean we served our purpose in more ways than we had ever thought of!)

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