Just like Cinderella, only not disappearing at midnight!

                      Taking an initiative is not easy. Starting-up is as painful as enthralling it seems. And Involve’s beginning was quite the same. The path that stands in front of us today, was carved out of the darkness. It was an October evening, tea time, when Divanshu was discussing with his friend ways through which learning of the students can be improved. And that was how Involve’s idea striked him. He had been putting together lots of ideas which would make Involve into what it is meant to be.

                     From October to February, the foundation of the idea was laid. Research was done, experience people met and now, Involve was ready to have a team. Beginning of March was the time when Divanshu proposed his plan to a school teacher, Mrs Sarojini, again an education enthusiast. The proposed plan had the learners from the slums in Yamuna Khadar, a rural location near Mayur Vihar. 

                     Our very own Cinderella story had Involve securing a promising deal to run a pilot project in just a day and a half. The time constraint in travelling from Madras to Delhi without proper connections made this a fairy tale without magic. On 28th March, when Divanshu visited Yamuna Khadar, he realised that there was no way of effective education in the isolated Yamuna Khadar where neither proper infrastructure was available and the lack of commutability was a glaring disadvantage too. While it was disheartening from one part, he envisioned the urgency to partner with the school, while he had just one day left to make up his mind. Convincing the Principal on the 28th evening seemed a monumental achievement too. She generously gave some helpful advice on how to handle small children as well as about safety issues and other such real life problems. Everything seemed to have been done only it was not.

                          It could be said that 29th March was a milestone in the headway of Involve which now had ASN learners at the core of its plan. This is not just for us but for all those of the school faculty, the parents of all the students who are a part of the project and mostly for those little children who put faith on us. This was a breakthrough to this nascent plan which will go a long way in showing that sometimes a small group of people with a purpose can achieve magnificent things. And as they, “it always seems difficult until it’s done.” And that is what keeps us motivated in the darkest of times!

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