After School Escapades!

There is this really amazing thing happening which has got us involved in this business called Mini Summer Camp. In case you are wondering just what exactly is a Mini Summer Camp, it is a place where recreational activities are provided for the school volunteers under our supervision during the summer months(obviously). And this one is a Mini Summer Camp which means that it is being done on a smaller scale than an actual one but still we have organised an interesting set of activities. There are things like Nukkad Naatak, drama and dance workshops taking place.

The plan is to cover four extra-curricular activities over the course of four weeks. Each week will conclude with a performance of some sort. By some sort we mean that there is going to be a platform to widen the reach of this project. Well, we performed Nukkad Naatak at Raahgiri at Connaught Place which was quite a success because we actually had an audience and reporters as a part of that audience too. So it can be said that we actually killed three birds with one stone. One, we created awareness about the shortcomings in the current scenario of education system. Second, we got publicity and recognition not just by the eager audience but newspapers too. And, the third and the most important thing, we had fun all the while doing it. Amazing weekend, seriously!

Now moving on to the next week, we need to take out our dancing shoes and groove like there’s no tomorrow! Okay, that was too dramatic for us who are amateurs. But we are still hyped up by our Raahgiri exploit so let us just bathe in the glory for this moment.  Bonne chance, Team Involve!

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  1. Nandan Sinha says:

    Divansu You Are The Best Not For Me But For India And New Coming Generation


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