Moving in the right direction!

Parents’ response has been very important for us since day one. If we talk about the parents’ orientation which took place on the 14th of May where almost 80% of the parents attended the session. Initially, the parents did not have any idea about Involve or the concept of ‘peer learning’ which is our central notion. Later, most of the parents were optimistic and enthusiastic about their child’s participation in the project, both as learners and as ‘student teachers’. Neeti Sharma, just one of the many parents who was impressed; said, “The presentation was extremely good and it will help my child to develop his personality. May god bless you.” Her son Lakshay Tyagi had been a regular student of the our sixth standard batch ever since. In fact, he has been doing really well in mathematics.

The parents of the academically weaker feel that there is just an overall lack of interest in studies. Their children are unable to concentrate well and perhaps have a self-learning disability. As a result, they are unable to retain things even if they study. Learning without understanding is futile so there is a need for imbibing a zeal for educative values. We assured the parents that unlike a school which cannot focus on the individual needs of each student, we would instil in them confidence and concentration. They would surely see the promised development in the child!

We are happy whenever the progress is appreciated by a parent because it means that the child has not just been doing those things in school because he is told so. An example of such is Nikhil Dedha, a seventh grade learner. Yesterday, his mother came to Divanshu and told him about how the change in the child has been amazing. His waking up early and sincerely wanting to go to school has been promising. His eagerness to complete the homework in time and that too without any help is very favourable. Going to school is no more just a chore but a fun activity. He appreciated us ‘bhaiyas’ and ‘didis’ for being friendly and good. If we are able to foster such a drive to learn in such a young child, what could be more satisfying!

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