First day jitters!

Imagine the four-year old you going to the unfamiliar school for the very first time. Well, it turns out whether you are four or nineteen, going to an unfamiliar school still has you on your toes. And I am talking about the school which is going to be my workplace for the next few weeks. Wow, I have actually been recruited for a job. Calling it a job seems so professional-like. At first, Divanshu, the Boss, gave a brief introduction to the initiative for the umpteenth time. He is always enthusiastic when he talks about Involve which is very infectious. Then, I was told about my duties which consisted of content development for English and Blogging.

Never in a million years would I have dreamt of debuting as a blogger for a social project. Well, it was a good turn of events. I personally felt that the concept of peer learning had been grossly underrated. If you can easily teach your younger sibling, you might just be able to build a base which may go a long way in building their academics. I had a small talk with a friend and colleague(that sounds so professional) of mine Bhavika, who didn’t seem very convinced with the idea at first because the education-oriented NGOs are innumerable. The idea impressed upon her when she saw the students themselves teaching junior students. This would bear a two-way benefit-the academically weaker students are getting knowledge and at the same time the ‘student teachers’ who are enhancing themselves. Well, thank you Bhavika for that food for thought!

I was given the task of going through the day-wise report and blog about it on the official website. I had a hard-time in putting up the pieces together because there were events that I had missed. And that’s when Samyak, one of the core members and person responsible for mathematics content development, came to my rescue. That’s when I realised that there are no authority issues as of now. I’m not sure if the absence of rigidity in hierarchy is a good or bad thing. Well, I can’t complain. The environment was very amicable for someone working for the first time, which most of us were. I really look forward to the coming days but most of all I hope that this project is a success not just because I’m a part of it but because I have seen people put so much effort on the very first day. Break a leg, Team Involve!


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