Food, Electricity and a bit of Profit and Loss!

“Each step you take reveals a new horizon.”

The student volunteers after being selected need to be mentored on how to teach. And for this, we had an Induction Workshop. The head teacher had arranged for three different teachers, each for the subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. They focused on the basics of teaching and techniques of effective classroom management. The science teacher spoke about  Food and Electricity, the Mathematics teacher had picked out the topic of ‘Profit and Loss’ and the English teacher discussed about the usage of general English. Our lead content developer for Science, Prateek and the lead content developer for Mathematics, Samyak talked about how our method of content preparation is different; and how they want the volunteers to present their content in class. They elaborated on the purpose of the concerned topics which would be complemented by activities, videos and worksheets. It was well commended with a big round of applause. Serendipitous NDTV coverage of the presentation was both a confidence booster and a cause of nervousness. Team Involve has been successful in delivering whatever they planned to. They will be facing their biggest challenge on 17th, once they have the kids and the volunteers together in a  class. We look forward to it!

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