Teachers whose impact casts a long positive influence

I grew up in a very remote area called Sambalpur in western Odisha- surrounded my forests, river (Mahanadi) and a humongous dam called Hirakud Dam . My father was a professor & vice-chancellor & I grew up in the beautiful but extremely remote university campus. It was a very close-knit community & neighbours became family-…

What does it mean to empower a kid? – Part 1

November 2017 In a low fee private school in Goripalya, Bangalore a bunch of 8th and 9th graders showed me what they could do if they were empowered. I was working as a Student Transformation Manager in Florida English School, Bangalore. We were trying to implement our peer teaching classes in the school where senior…

Importance of Reflection in Education

Reflection is the process of thinking about one’s past deeds and experiences and evaluating whether it was important, needed improvement, or how it affected one’s life. It helps identify one’s mistakes and is an integral part of the process of learning

Allow kids to make mistakes – Is it a good choice?

Monica’s enthusiasm doesn’t seem low like the setting sun today. She’s visited the park with her mom after so many days. For an 8-year-old, the park is filled with so many wonderments, especially if she is an aspiring “planto-logist”. She notices a fig tree by the lake and wonders how things will seem from up there. “Slow down Monica, Mumma can’t run that fast”, saying this Mrs. Sharon and Monica reach near the tree.


Leadership has a completely different meaning for the young. Unlike the adults, who see it as a position of power and authority, children see this as an opportunity to express their creative side. “Leaders are not born. They are made.”- Vince Lombardi It could be as simple as leading the members of a group project…

The Need to Trust Students

*Geetha mam please report to the principal’s office immediately*

blared the intercom. Students! Rahul will monitor the class & take down the names of the noisy kids. A visible grin was noticed on the face of “the noisy kids” while other students wondered, *How cool it is to have so much authority, Geetha mam must be so proud of Rahul and*

*Rahul, on the other hand, tried his best to live up to his teacher’s trust.*

*It’s easy for a child to understand he’s the youngest in his society but that does not limit his hopes of being a responsible member in it.*

In “The Need to Trust Students,” we wanted to throw some light on the need to trust students, how to develop it, and the upshots of the former.

Decision making. A journey or a destination?

Can students make decisions on their own? How would they know what’s right or wrong? Why is decision making fuelled by Mistakes and how did making mistake changed Anagha’s Life?

Can collaborative learning improve learning outcomes of students?

Collaborative learning can be regarded as a process similar to ‘symbiosis’, speaking of which, I am reminded of a particular incident. Back when I was in the 11th standard, I was not particularly fond of Physics. No amount of encouragement or help from the part of my parents or teachers would help. I simply failed…

The Educational Lockdown

The lockdown should not be a lockdown of education. It can become conducive for the children if instead of just giving them books they are involved in real life more which can stimulate their learning.

The need for Student Ownership

The COVID-19 crisis is upon us and school education has taken a hit amidst all the things that it has affected. In this unprecedented time, over a billion students worldwide are unable to go to school or university, due to measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 (~300 million alone from India). Would this crisis be a good time to start trusting our students and develop feelings of ownership among them?

The Well-Wishers’ Dilemma

In a country like India, education is very important. However, a certain way of thinking is set in stone. This prevailing thought process paired with a considerable generation gap leads to a constant struggle between the parents/ teachers and their students/children. Nevertheless, due to the constant evolution and the availability of information, this generation gap…

The need for Social & Emotional well being

I have been quite fascinated by the age-old question “Why did such and such person do that?”. And the answer would most often be “Situations made him/her do that”. This grew more and more puzzling when I started with students of Grade 8. Within a matter of 7 hours, they undergo so many changes in…

Bharosa Toh Karo

I attended school in a small village named Agaramel in TamilNadu until tenth grade. I was always the first rank holder in my class and every student in that small school knows me. I was sent to Chennai for higher studies. The school I joined had 2500 students. Fear took over me at the sight…

Mentors are the bridges to your future- ABLE, BIRAC & PATH

Post PhD, as I was toying with ideas about my future. I liked Spemann’s organiser and I also liked theories pertaining to S&T evolution, political systems, economics, policies and manufacturing. It was at this moment, I got into Cambridge University to combine my understanding of science with strategy, policy, manufacturing and use it for higher…

Bhrosa Toh Karo

I was not what you call the “bright” student of the class. I scraped through exams. 10th standard was no different and everyone around me were not making it any easier for me.I vividly remember my first unit test of 10th grade. I had not done well. My previous experiences with Parent teacher meetings had…

Bharosa Toh Karo

Bhaskar Sir did bring a positive change in my life. I was not very good at studies. I was in grade 7 when there was a vacancy for a math teacher at my school. And Bhaskar Sir joined our school as a math teacher. He was qualified to become one, but he had to work…

Encourage curiosity to develop a better person

What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge, not knowledge in pursuit of the child. —George Bernard Shaw, The Quintessence of G.B.S. Curiosity encourages us to explore the unexplored. From a very tender age, learning occurs as a result of the steps taken by kids to satisfy one’s curiosity of the…